An innovative consulting model
for political risk ANALYSIS and due diligence

Photo by Monika Thakur

Photo by Monika Thakur



We are not constrained to using in-house staff, we create a best-matching team for each client requirement. Our on-demand business model cuts out the typical real estate, management, sales, marketing and PR overheads of walled-in consultancies. Our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: the flexibility and unrivalled expertise of independent specialists, combined with our own methodology and experience in delivering actionable and compliant insights. All at a fraction of the cost of hiring traditional consultancies.



Navigating a complex world requires a huge range of highly-specialist skills. Such knowledge is spread out across many individuals and geographies, impossible to find in any one organisation. A network approach is the answer: it allows organisations to reach for niche expertise more quickly and cost-effectively. Flexible, customised analytical teams are much more likely to deliver unique insights.

Photo by Monika Thakur

Photo by Monika Thakur

Built Around You

Our mission is to map and test the skills of hundreds of trusted experts globally, to provide clients with the closest and fastest match to their individual requirements. Our clients receive all the intelligence they need in the most flexible way. The deal is flexible for our experts too: they decide what to work on and when. So we can all concentrate on delivering optimal value.


Dr Carlo Gallo

Founder & Director of Enquirisk 
Russia and CIS Political Risk Specialist

Carlo has helped dozens of multinationals make crucial investment decisions. Before founding Enquirisk, he spent over six years as lead political risk analyst on Russia & the CIS at Control Risks. Previously, he completed a highly commended PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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