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"We have very positive feedback on your report."

"Extremely valid points, often unnoticed."

"It is the first time I see a good understanding of Russia's elite disagreement on the country financial policy and economic strategy."

"Thanks a lot for the great cooperation!" 

"Congratulations on an excellent piece of work."

- Leading oil and gas multinationals

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Expertise is spread out across many minds and places, impossible to find in any one organisation. A network approach is the answer.

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  • Map out business and political players

  • Protect personnel and assets

  • Ensure smooth and compliant operations


Case study: Multi-country risk monitoring for oil and gas


Our Client, a leading European oil and gas company, needed on-going analysis on political, economic and social developments in their countries of operation in the Arab Gulf and Latin America.

The Client wanted the service to go beyond media accounts, to provide timely, nuanced and contextualised insights on evolving risk trends. They had tried several established providers of similar services, but had found that their analysts lacked direct local expertise or that their services were too expensive.

Enquirisk offered a bespoke yet cost-effective risk monitoring solution, which the Client has expressed positive feedback on.


Many of our affiliated analysts have worked for the largest political risk and security consultancies. Many are based in the regions they cover, speak local languages and have plenty of well-placed local contacts. Collectively, we are uniquely placed to provide both specialist insights and comprehensive coverage. 


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Dr Carlo Gallo

Founder & Director of Enquirisk 
Russia and CIS Political Risk Specialist

Carlo has helped dozens of multinationals make crucial investment decisions. Before founding Enquirisk, he spent over six years as lead political risk analyst on Russia & the CIS at Control Risks. Previously, he completed a highly commended PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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