Our team has amassed over 35 years of collective experience working in senior positions at leading risk management and crisis advisory firms.

All three team members have supported the world's top corporations in establishing, maintaining and recovering operations in geopolitically unstable locations. Together they represent a unique partnership with proven expertise, a highly capable resource to help clients navigate the complex Middle East and North Africa region.



Together, we provide a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Mitigation solution, including:

Threat and risk assessment

  • An assessment of the nature and severity of the security threats that apply to your business in specific locations and industrial sectors.

  • On-going monitoring of key indicator and triggers to help clients anticipate any significant deterioration or improvement in the security risk environment.

  • Security Risk Analysis conforming to international risk management standards. A bespoke software solution (ISO 31000 compliant), HawkSight SRM, provides a live electronic record of on-going security risk, which can be accessed and updated online, or through updates sent to your HawkSight App.

Experienced risk mitigation support

  • Review of current Security Policy, Plans and Procedures (including practical recommendations to minimise risk in day-to-day work and living). The review also considers what contingency planning is in place for worst-case scenarios (including evacuation planning for staff, kidnap response and crisis communication).
  • Implementation of upgrades by an on-the-ground project manager.

Crisis planning

  • Testing Business Impact Assessment assumptions and ensuring that Business Continuity Plans are relevant and rehearsed, so that critical business activities can be sustained under a crisis.
  • Design and delivery of scenario-based exercises to highlight likely problems an actual incident may present and to test and document planned responses. Helping senior managers rehearse crisis response plans, to ensure evacuation triggers are well understood and decisions can be made quickly.
  • Devising a strategies for effective crisis communications and stakeholder management (including draft messaging to employee dependants and liaison with the authorities).

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