Our training and career coaching services help young graduates and professionals bridge the skills gap between university studies and the requirements of practical political risk assessment for business.

Skills Training and Career Coaching

Learning materials and one-to-one skype sessions on:

  • Who needs political risk services and who provides them
  • What skills are required to work in political risk consulting
  • Insurable risks and political risk insurers
  • Latest techniques and methods in the industry 

Practical exercises, thoroughly reviewed and assessed by experienced Enquirisk staff:

  • Framing client requirements
  • How to deliver analytical value to clients
  • Effective presentation and writing style
  • Professional standards and ethical considerations 

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Dr Carlo Gallo, Founder and director of Enquirisk, has delivered talks on political rIsk analysis at various UK universities. 


"Dr Gallo's presentation provided an excellent overview of the key components of political risk analysis, how it is conducted and - of particular interest to our Master's students - what to do to become a political risk analyst. The interactive element of the presentation and the use of the topical example of Ukraine were particularly successful at engaging the audience." 

- Dr Richard Mole, Senior Lecturer, School of Slavonic & East European Studies, UCL (Feb 2014)

"Dr. Gallo's presentation was meticulous and thorough. It provided a solid overview of the field of political risk and there was hardly a minute that went by without me learning something new."

- Justin Marinelli, Post-Graduate Student, MSc Global Policy,
Durham University (Mar 2016)

"Very clear and coherent presentation; I had no previous knowledge about political risk assessment, I now have a good understanding about what it entails and requires and about the sector providing consultancy in this field. Mr. Gallo is an eloquent speaker and very pleasant to listen to."

- Roos Bollen, Post-Graduate Student, MSc Conflict Studies, London School of Economics (Nov 2013)

Upcoming seminars in London

In addition to one-to-one skills training and career coaching via Skype, we are planning a series of group seminars and workshops run by Dr Carlo Gallo to introduce young graduates to the professional field of political risk analysis and consulting. Each seminar will probably last for 2 hours and will be restricted to a maximum of 22 participants, in order to facilitate interaction and Q&A. Many advanced students of political science, international relations, sociology, area studies and foreign languages are interested in joining political risk consultancies or in-house teams with similar functions. We help them understand the industry, hone their skills and improve their chances of submitting successful job applications in this broad field.

London dates and venues will be announced soon. In the meantime, please express your interest by writing to contact@enquirisk.com.