We run regular seminars and practical workshops to introduce post-graduate students and young professionals to the industry and craft of political risk analysis. The emphasis is on practical tips on the political risk consulting industry and related careers, as well as on the skills and methods that underpin the analysis. 

King's College London, Russia Institute

"Political Risk Analysis: Hands-on Workshop", 3 February 2017

Dr Carlo Gallo delivered a 2-hour practical workshop to postgraduate students of King's College excellent and innovative KCL module on "The Practice of Policymaking in Contemporary Russia", which relies on external practitioners to demonstrate how political analysis is performed within the professions. Dr Gallo's session included several short, hands-on exercises focusing on key tasks and challenges of political risk analysis for business. The students performed the exercises in the class and Dr Gallo then promptly reviewed and discussed their answers. It was very rewarding to see how students got very actively engaged, asking very smart questions and sharing well-thought-out comments.

University College London

"The Relevance of the Social Sciences for Political Risk Analysis", 3 November 2016

Dr Gallo delivered a one-hour lecture to postgraduate students, focusing on the importance of mastering social science theories for the practitioner political risk analyst. It may seem obvious that such disciplines as political, science, sociology, international relations, and other social sciences are relevant for the job of providing political risk analysis to business clients, including on such issues as terrorism, conflict, political and regulatory instability, corruption, market distortions, etc., yet there is a gap between the work of practitioners and most academic publications in those fields. Dr Gallo suggested ways to bridge the gap and stressed how important a strong theoretical foundation is for the job, even if its contribution often remains implicit.