Enquirisk in Durham

Dr Carlo Gallo, director of Enquirisk, is very grateful to Durham University and to the Global Policy Journal for hosting him on 10 March, to deliver a lecture on Political Risk to a room full of smart and motivated students. The following day, it was great fun to be interviewed by a very competent team for a video recording for the Journal.

In the talk and interview, he touched upon such issues as:

  • Definitions of political risk as an area of business risk consulting;
  • Prevailing methods and techniques for producing and delivering consulting in this area, including recent tool relying algorithms for real-time event data extraction fro open sources. 
  • The type of business functions and purposes that political risk consulting can help with;
  • Methodological challenges involved in political risk analysis;
  • The relationship with academic theories on related areas (e.g. conflict studies, international relations, political science, etc.), or the theory v practice gap.
  • Current trends in the (geo)political risks confronting business around the globe.
  • The skills and experience required to be a political risk analyst.

Enquirisk is very grateful for the opportunity and looks forward to the next chance to collaborate and/or visit Durham University.