Drawing on leading specialists, this uniquely insightful and succinct report analyses the prospects for doing business in and with Iran. 

The July diplomatic deal promises to free Iran from some of the most crippling economic sanctions it has suffered since 2006. If the deal is implemented, it would unleash considerable investment and trade opportunities. 

Our recognised Iran experts analyse the prospects for the nuclear deal to be fully approved and implemented, and its implications for doing business in and with Iran. We assess risks and opportunities for key industries. Specifically, we address a number of crucial questions:

  • The timeline of the implementation of the deal and potential obstacles.
  • The attitude of Iranian companies and government officials towards foreign investors in several key sectors. 
  • The domestic political environment, especially in light of Iran's parliamentary elections next year. 
  • The state of the business and transport infrastructure in Iran. 
  • Corruption and integrity risk, for example in connection with public tenders.
  • The risk of a cultural backlash against western symbols and brands.
  • The risk of Iran's involvement in a regional armed conflict, as well as the risk of terrorism and sabotage against western interests within Iran.
  • The dependability of local law enforcement and court systems.

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